Cnc machine tools: What do these 9 users have in common?

It might seem absurd but in reality, every production department is the same as the rest in many ways; even if they all seem different.

One of the classic phrases that I hear is “but my production department is different, my challenges are different”.

This is the classic defense attitude adopted by those who do not want to face change or even worse are afraid to face it and then bring up the excuse that his production department is different.

The truth is that there is no different production department and all users of CNC machine tools should take this concept to heart as soon as possible and face reality.

We are all in the same sector, namely Production.

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Which is better: Machining Centers or Multicenter?

Obviously, this question has no answer without context, because the truth is that it depends on a thousand variables and the situation of each specific production department.

Basically, we are talking about two categories of very different machine tools:

  • The first of Machining Centers dedicated to high flexibility, but not very productive.
  • The second of flexible machines.  Very flexible, but that can also guarantee high productivity thanks to the 3-spindle system.

By this I mean that there is no category of Machine Tools that by definition is always better than the rest.

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The Machine that Changed the World does not Exist

There is a famous book written in the 1990s’ entitled “The Machine That Changed the World” by James P. Womack.

This book has become so famous that today it is considered a sacred manual for all those involved in the manufacturing world.

James P. Womack was a young American graduate when he began to study the various production systems in the automotive world, including the most famous of Toyota. He was trying to understand how this company could develop a method of production so efficient that it was able to overcome the American model of Ford.

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“Flexible Production” School is Born!

More than 2,500 years ago the Greeks had already come to the conclusion that the world changes.

“Everything flows” is one of the most famous phrases ever coined.

The sense is that everything changes; the world, nature, but not only that…

Also, the competition, the market in which you operate, the needs of your target customer, the production tools that work or do not work, the fixed costs, the availability of specialized staff.

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Flexible Production: the first step for those using CNC machine tools

The Flexible Production is known worldwide as Lean Manufacturing and represents a complete system that allow production according to the Just in Time concepts.

That means produce only the sold quantity, without stock, to make the production more efficient.

Obviously, the goal and purpose of the system is proven and valuable, so much so that a lot of companies are applying its basics.

The same system, however, at first glance, is difficult to adapt to the context of users of CNC machine tools, because of this many production facilities are behind on adopting these concepts.

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Lean Manufacturing: for CNC machine users it is defined by the “less is more” rule

Do you know which primary characteristic a production company must have today to become competitive and win in this market?

In reality, the characteristics are many and all fundamental, but there is one that is the most important and can, in both the medium and long term, make the real difference for your production department.

The concepts of Flexible Production and Lean Manufacturing are born thanks to two scholars named Womack and Jones, who had studied in depth various production systems of the major car manufacturers, comparing them with the Japanese Toyota.

The Toyota system proved to be much more efficient and with a clear superiority over all competitors.

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