The 2050 seems so far … but if I think of my son who is 11 years old, in 2050 he will be younger than I am in this moment. He will still be in his thirties and it will be his moment.

Here in Barcelona at CISCO Live, in a room full of 15,000 people we tried to imagine the evolution from now til 2050; the challenges and changes that will come faster than ever.

Honestly speaking, at the end of the presentation I was rather scared by what the near future holds for us. That’s why I decided to write it down and share the experience with you.

In 2022, just a few years away, we will see in Dubai flying cars, a project that is in place, real, will be taxi with Hovercraft technology, i.e. air bearing that will lift the taxi from 30cm ground and will have no contact. For this, by definition, they will be flying cars.

In 2025, smartphones will disappear, meaning they will be worn directly by us. A company in Florida already today has prototype glasses that incorporate all the information of a smartphone.

By 2027 we will be able to think and there will be technology that will translate our thoughts into text. It seems dangerous to me, but some experiments in the military field whisper that they are already active.

In 2028 man will be able to artificially simulate the human brain at 100%.

By 2030 new jobs will be: Avatar Manager, Body Parts Maker, Vertical Farmers, Nano Medic, Waste Data Handler, Climate Change Reversal Specialist.

The 2030 is little more than a decade from now, those in school today are studying some subjects they never use. It will take a great deal of mental elasticity for those who will have to perform these new jobs.

In 2034 we will wear at least 1TB (1000Gb) in the form of wearable storage.

In 2036 Alzheimer’s will be 100% cured.

In 2040 each average house will have a PC with a computing power of 1 Billion Brains (brains).

In 2045 artificial intelligence will be more powerful than human intelligence and the great fear will be that artificial intelligence might decide to exterminate human intelligence because it is no longer necessary. It sounds like a science fiction movie, but there are already those who long ago predict this as Ray Kurzweil.

Try writing this name in Google and you will see …

In 2048 we will see virtual telepathy that will dominate telecommunications. We interact in a telepathic way connecting to each other without having to make a call. A sort of telepathic WhatsApp.

In 2050 there will be people who will live permanently on Mars, one could be my son … or yours …

Also in 2050 we will be almost 10 Billions to populate the planet, and according to studies ….

…. we will need a second planet ….

In front of us we will have the era of artificial intelligence, of connecting everyone with everything.

At this point you will wonder what I came to do here at CISCO Live Barcelona in this week of super technology along with 14,999 other people …

Well, here at CISCO Live, I presented the MULTICENTER with Chatbot function which consists of humanizing the machine so that it can be part of a chat like WhatsApp where people and machines coexist together.

The idea is to make the MULTICENTER interactive so that the information can be shared and used in a very simple way by anyone.

Technology at the service of man to simplify and connect.

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    Maurizio Porta
    Expert in Flexible Production