A German manufacturer reveals his opinion on the PORTACENTER

When we talk about productive organization and technological innovation we know that German colleagues are certainly among the best in the world.

We cannot help but mention them, as everybody knows they are among the most competitive and their production models are enviable.

German manufacturing companies have very high standards and German Machine Tools are excellent, too.

EXCELLENCE is the password.

However, when we talk about PRODUCTIVITY, SPEED and adaptability to CHANGE, the PORTACENTER always boasts an undisputed LEADERSHIP.

I’m not the one saying it, but German users of the PORTACENTER, who express their enthusiasm for the results they are reaching thanks to this Machine Tool.

That makes us feel very good, because it shows that we are reaping the benefits of years of sacrifices and investments for the development of a quality service and an excellent Machine Tool built in series.

In those years, we studied head-on and we were inspired by the best production models from all over the world, in order to offer the best service and improve the standards of our customers.

And I must say that the results are not long in coming.


Below you can read the words of one of our German customers.

In this moment of deep change, he highlights how the PORTACENTER is the right Machine Tool to face these scenarios of an ever changing market.

The customer concerned is VTI Ventil Technik GmbH.

So I leave them the word:

“Never judge by the appearance …
According to its design, which is inspired by the helmet of Darth Vader, our new PORTACENTER should actually belong to the dark side of strength.
But do faster technology, increased productivity and higher flexibility really sound bad to you?
Especially in these difficult times, this machine helps us to be able to react even faster to changes.
It fits in more with the light sight, right?”

This is their spontaneous opinion written in a post published on their Social Media.

And it makes us understand how today the PORTACENTER is the right answer for all production companies that really want to become competitive, without filling up their production departments with batteries of machining centers, which are apparently less expensive, but very costly in operation, making the cost of piece not competitive!

The PORTACENTER has 1 single process, 3 times faster than a single machining center.

Cost reduction and increase in productivity are guaranteed.

We are so excited to be able to work with companies such as VTI GmbH and meet their expectations, with the highest standards.

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