In 2016, if we take the first 4 companies in Brescia in the transfer machine segment, we see that PORTASOLUTIONS is the only one that has grown in turnover, while the other 3 have recorded negative data.

The companies in question besides us are Gnutti Transfer, BTB Transfer and Buffoli Transfer.

Going in detail, PORTASOLUTIONS recorded a + 21% compared to the previous year, followed by Gnutti Transfer with a -7%, which then became a -15% for BTB Transfer to reach a -21% for Buffoli Transfer.

% Turnover Increase 2015 VS 2016

With these data, we note how we have grown compared to others in the industry that have all scored a negative sign.

90% of our growth has been determined by our policy of pursuing the development of the industrial plan that sees us as protagonists and today a leader in the production of mass-produced flexible machines.

Nowadays, PORTASOLUTIONS is first in the category of flexible machines built in series and, thanks to this industrial policy, we have succeeded in increasing the turnover as well as conquering new market segments.

The 2017 Budget closed with a record that will remain in history in terms of increase. In fact, 2017 marks a + 60% bearing in mind that the year before we had already scored a + 21%.

2018 started very well, after a 2015 + 10%, 2016 with + 21%, a 2017 + 60%, 2018 will be the year of consolidation, and in any case, the business plan foresees the possibility of further small growth.

At the end of 2018 the 2015-2018 business plan will be completed, the internal discussion has already started to draw up the new 2018-2022 business plan.

In the 2018-2022 Plan there will be big news, since it will be launched a new product that will open a new category in the field that does not exist today.

This project is very ambitious and exciting at the same time, more details will be spread during the official presentation during 2018.

Maurizio Porta
Expert in Flexible Production