CNC Machine Tools: 5 Deadly Mistakes You Are Making in Production

Hidden in the shadows of your production and the use of your CNC machine tools there are 5 fatal errors that you are most likely doing.

If you do not immediately seek to improve them each of these mistakes will cost you millions of dollars over the next few years in terms of profits and lost production.

The possibility that you are committing at least one is basically guaranteed.  In this article I will show you how to easily eliminate them one at a time to make your Machine Tools work harder for you!

With these improvements your company will take off if you are willing to question your business model, as other companies have already done by investing time and effort in this direction.

I do not have a magic pill nor do I not sell shortcuts.

Making a company work well, in particular a production department, is neither simple nor fast and, indeed, to describe the thing in a colorful way I would say that often it is more like a bloodbath!!

For this reason, I make every effort to spread these concepts.  Through articles, books, blogs, and recently even live at the FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION school.

But I absolutely do not go knocking at companies’ doors to try and persuade someone to take a path when that person is not convinced of the possible improvements or does not want to do it.

The right approach is to be given to companies that, first of all, want to improve by questioning themselves with the goal of recovering efficiency and profit.

We have to insure a position that a company has a good or excellent marginality to ensure a sustainable future for the company.

A journey of this kind does not take less than a couple of years including initial analysis, training, change of business model, and finally results.

If instead your situation is not so drastic, the times are shortened considerably, as done with some customers, to a minimum of 6 months.

CNC Machine Tools: the most expensive mistake you are making
it is what you do not see and you do not know how to commit

What is it about exactly?

This is what I call the stupid tax.

Not because you are stupid in the literal sense of the term, but because each of us is really uninformed when he ventures into fields in which he has not had good leadership and in general has not met someone who has helped him understand the “hidden” details behind the details of the production department.

Each of us is born as a specialized technician: who maybe was a skilled worker and then became a manager or entrepreneur thanks to his talent, who a graduate with innovative ideas.

So, very often, the reality is that no one has taught us exactly what we are doing today.

The traditional school certainly not.

Today I often know that those who are obtaining results in reality before was a technician like us who used CNC machine tools and who was just lucky enough to open his business in the times when “it was enough to be present” to start his career, finding himself in a booming historical moment that will never come back and where mistakes were still absorbed by the margin that once was obtained.

Do you remember the mythical years of great production?

Where the mantra was:


They were legendary years; a real gold mine and I must admit that we also sold a lot of machine tools.

Unfortunately, we lost them! Now they are gone, gone forever and will never come back!

This is the reason that pushed me for years to try to build a true METHOD that could be a beacon and a reference point for the strongest visionaries of our industry.

In short, for those who have decided not to give up and not to throw in the towel.

“Ok Maurizio, but what are you suggesting and what is the good news?”

Why should you listen to me?

My answer is very simple, that is: this method really works! It is not me to say it, of course, but it is the words of those who have already implemented it and are getting crazy results, thus returning to be super competitive and above all to really earn.



“I made the right choice since I found the right compromise between “PRODUCTIVITY” and “FLEXIBILITY”.

We have different parts that are machined on your machine with batches which sometimes are small (500/1.000 parts) and sometimes larger (15.000/20.000). Before these parts were produced by single machining centers or by a twin spindle lathe.

We found out that now the set up times are similar to the previous machines but the productivity is immediately five times better than the previous one (from annual statement).

We appreciate your fixture design and your project.

Your project allowed us to realize the part clamping in an extremely functional and performing way.


Ing. Carlo Medina 


Boeme S.r.l.

Via dello Strego, 1

28010 Cavallirio (NO) – Italy

Now let’s analyze the 5 errors of which at least one of them is probably happening in your company right now.

The 5 deadly errors in production for those using machine tools

1) Overproduction

Overproduction is one of the 5 wastes that fascinates me most, because it concerns the production or acquisition of goods before they are actually required.

It is a very dangerous waste for companies, because it tends to hide production problems.

Overproduction must be stored, managed, and protected, thus generating other waste.

Overproduction is the main cause of the warehouse problem that is affecting companies.

In fact, not everyone knows that the warehouse, if made redundant and badly managed, can represent a huge cost and waste for the company and for the liquidity that, on the contrary, could be generated.

2) Transport

Every time a product is transferred it risks being damaged, lost, delayed, etc., so it becomes a cost that does not produce value. Transport does not introduce any benefit to the product that the customer is willing to pay.

3) Waiting

It refers both to the time employed by workers waiting for the resource to be available, and to the capital immobilized in goods and services that have not yet been delivered to the customer.

Once again, the liquidity of the company is under attack and fixed capital turns into further costs and waste.

4) Stock

Inventories, whether in the form of raw materials, materials in process (WIP), or finished products, represent a capital that has not yet produced a profit for both the manufacturer and the customer. Each of these three items that is not yet processed to produce value is a waste.

5) Movement

It refers to workers and machines that can suffer damage, wear, and various security problems and must be managed to minimize waste.

If you are also experiencing at least one of these 5 mistakes, do not despair.

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