CNC machine tools for metalworking: The 4 fundamental steps before choosing one

You might think that this article is dedicated only to those who are looking for a new machine tool for their production department.

In reality, however, it is also for all those who already have their plant and machinery but still want to understand how to optimize their future purchases in the coming years.

In fact, the basic concept I want to tell you is that there are many people in our industry who often seem to be looking for the miracle that solves all their problems.

They are hoping for some new “miraculous machine tool” (which does not exist).

I’m sorry, but this mentality and way of thinking won’t solve any problems.

The solution is much simpler than you can imagine.

It is true, we often go to trade fairs to look for the latest news in terms of machine tools hoping to find a miraculous one.

However, Flexible Production, which in my view goes hand in hand with profitability (a subject I am dealing with), should not be sought only in machinery.

The primary objective is:

“Produce what you sell, No stock, No stress, More cash!”

Simple, but not easy.

Because as soon as you try you will feel an irrepressible temptation to return to do what you’ve always done before.

All this is due to the fact that you CANNOT work with a new business model without first having understood exactly and precisely the steps to complete and in what sequence to do them.

Try to produce only the sold, without first planning everything you need and you will certainly get:

  • lost time
  • interrupted productivity
  • continuous complications
  • and so on…

I also thought that it could be applied faster, but it can’t.

It’s not possible, you only risk getting hurt and quickly going back to old habits.

For this specific reason I had to take responsibility and take charge of this thing directly, by opening a non-profit Foundation, where the following was born:


The new section dedicated to training for users of machine tools for chip removal.

A school where you have a real opportunity to understand and learn the right steps to take without improvising hasty decisions that could be catastrophic for your company.

Do not choose a machine tool without first going through a process that educates you to make the right choices.

Thanks to this path you will understand if it is necessary to set up a new business model in your company.

Then, as a result, you will study and understand which machine tool categories to introduce in your production to achieve the planned results.

4 definitive steps before choosing one CNC Machine Tool

So then below are the steps I strongly suggest you follow to develop a broader and more correct vision.

1) Click on: or send an email and request more information about our training courses dedicated to Machine Tool users;

2) Attend the “basic” course, proposed to educate on the basic principles of lean production;

3) Let yourself be accompanied by one of our Technical Tutors, who will follow you throughout your study and learning process;

4) Apply, apply, apply everything you learn …

Trust me, experience tells me now and has shown me many times that these 4 simple steps hide enormous power.

Most people suffer from something I call “postponement”.

In essence, they prefer to stay in their “Comfort Zone” and do not act to change and improve things. In reality, the results are often closely linked to action.If I act, I get results, if I stay still, I will never get anything.

“If you want to get better results you have to be willing to do things you never did before”

Are you ready to take action and get extraordinary results? I’ll be waiting for you in our new school dedicated to training for metal processing for companies that want to make America great!

If you want to deepen the world of Flexible Production and CNC Flexible Machines I have excellent news for you! Starting today you can ask for a direct consultation from one of our TECHNICAL TUTORS

A one-day consultancy of this kind is listed on the market at a value of $1,500, but you could receive it free of charge.

Write directly to for more information.

If you want to go deeper on the topic of “Flexible Production”,


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My book, dedicated to users of machine tools that want to make the leap in quality & productivity, is waiting for you!!!

Maurizio Porta