CNC Training School: The First Training Course for Metalcutting Machine Tool Users

In 2019, the first training school covering the Flexible Production Method and the use of CNC flexible machines for chip removal will be inaugurated in Italy.

The first school ever in this format.

A veritable gym for machine tool users, where the theory is learned and lots and lots of hands on practice can be had in a controlled environment thanks to the use of a true 3-spindle MULTICENTER Flexible Machine, dedicated to the students of the class.

The first class was successful even beyond the most optimistic of expectations.  With a Russian company that participating in the course, directly from Moscow, and bringing a team of 8 collaborators.

As part of the curriculum various topics were touched upon including concepts related to Lean Manufacturing and practical applications in the field of metalcutting.

On a theoretical level, the issues related to:

– Capability and CPK;

– TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);

– Lean production techniques and strategies applied to the real world of production companies in this sector;

– Productive use of a Flexible CNC Machine;

– History of machine tools and how the market is evolving;

– Preventative and predictive maintenance: what to do, when to do it, and how to do it;

And more…

As you can see, there are many topics to touch on and there is certainly a lot to study if you want to become a real production expert and bring great results to the company.

In support of these topics, these paths will feature real Lean Manufacturing experts, who have been applying these concepts for years and who have achieved great success in this sector.

Between expert consultants of Lean Production and process engineering university professors, we packed everything into a single and formidable Lean Training Path.

The First in the world on Flexible Machines!!

But theory alone is not enough, it also takes practice.

A CNC Machine Tool with 3 spindles for the exclusive practical use of the Flexible Production Training School

In support of the theoretical lectures in the classroom an area has been dedicated to the practice and perfection of these theoretical concepts, including:

1. An area isolated and prepared for the school;

2. All necessary equipment;

3. Tools;

4. Raw material to be used for practice;

5. A real Flexible Multicenter Machine 3 spindles dedicated to the class;

6. A Technical staff with over 30 years of direct experience that will guide you through the world of FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION, to learn and train in a protected environment.

A protected environment in which those who participate can:

Learn all the production strategies that make up the Flexible Production method;

Study the theory that revolves around the world of CNC Flexible Machines;

Practice with practical exercises, using a real dedicated multicenter;

Make mistakes, start over and correct all the processes you want, without the pressure you would have in a production department;

Really understand the immense potential behind the concept of small and medium lots;

and so on…

After having understood the theoretical mechanisms, then we can go to battle in the production environment where we go to work seriously.

Students, accompanied by Technical Tutors, will be able to take raw material and go through the entire process to making finished parts.

Not to mention that you will learn to program this new type and technology of innovative Machine Tools.

You will also be able to understand the true potential of rapid production changes alongside the concept of the 3 spindles, which work in sync.

Thanks to this innovative learning path, you will be able to understand how the flexible production motto is possible today more than ever:

“Produce what you sell; No stock,
No stress, More cash”

As you can see, there are already those who are putting themselves on the line to get real results.  Without wasting time on old business models and old production concepts which do not maximize productivity and profits in the 21st century. 

And you?

Are you ready to abandon old business models and old machine tools to enter the world of CNC Flexible Machines?

If you want to deepen your understanding of the method of using CNC Flexible Machines then I have excellent news, because from today you can request a direct consultation from one of our TECHNICAL TUTORS

A one-day consultancy of this kind is listed on the market at € 599 but you could have the opportunity to have it free of cost. 

Write directly to for more information.

To deepen the topic of “Flexible Production” and Competitive Productions


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To your results!

Maurizio Porta