EMO 2019 Hannover: Here’s how to get 5 free BONUSES

At the most important Exhibition in Europe in the Machine Tool industry, namely the EMO Exhibition in Hannover, this year several companies in the sector will come.

Trade shows are generally perfect places to come across new opportunities for your business and to try to understand in which direction the market is going.

Obviously there are people who take part in these trade shows to take into consideration machines or new tools and people who just decide to take a tour even if they don’t have to buy anything but just to stay updated on the issues of their sector.

And I have to say that the field of Machine Tools for metal processing is full of news.

At EMO 2019 there are lots of news.

It’s been some time since I have explained to companies in this sector that the production methods that have worked to date will NO LONGER be productive and profitable in the future.

Indeed, they will be counterproductive.

And what is the average reaction I see among the sector operators?

They tell me that I am exaggerating, that I am a charlatan, that times are not so tight and you can still “get by” the old way.

There are even those who believe that “good times will return”…

But what good times?

The truth is that times have changed, nothing will come back.

So you must protect yourself, understand what the market is preparing for your industry, and understand the REAL opportunities that lie with change.

Really, it’s not more difficult than this, though people are reluctant to change.

EMO 2019 in Hannover:
here’s the 5 bonuses you can receive

For the EMO 2019 Exhibition I decided to develop a new Stand, completely dedicated to my customers and NOT to my product.

This year I want to outdo myself.

Indeed, together with my team, we are preparing a Stand totally focused on Flexible Production Training, to spread what I think is the correct information for your industry in this specific moment.

In the main days of the Exhibition, I will give a Speech each day in which I give lessons on the Lean Manufacturing and on the Flexible Production.

Speeches will be given at EMO 2019 Exhibition on
17th, 18th, 19th September

namely the 3 core days that we chose in order to facilitate participation of people interested in new production methods that make companies more efficient and profitable.

To book your place click the link below

During these Speeches I will talk about unreleased contents and concepts on production learned directly in Japan, where I personally went to study and where Lean Production was born.

If you book your place at our Stand and you will come to visit us, I have in store 5 wonderful BONUSES for you:

  • The Handbook “The Evolution of Production”, written by me, in which I explain step by step how the world of Production has changed and the methods to help your company thrive (VALUE $39);
  • USB MULTICENTER Flash Drive with a complete Video Training About ” The 3 Ages of Manufacturing” (VALUE $40);
  • Lesson on the Flexible Production Method, taken directly from the intensive courses of our School and from the in-depth studies i have completed in Japan (VALUE $339);
  • 1-day Consultation with a Flexible Production Technical Tutor, that you can book directly at our Stand at the end of the Speech (VALUE $1,559);
  • Presentation of the new Multicenter model, with all the news of 2020;

  • All of this has a VALUE of $1,977,
    but you can have it for free if you act quickly and book your place NOW.

    Now, I don’t want to sound redundant, but $1,977 is $1,977, so if I were you I would take advantage of it and participate.

    If you want to get these BONUSES and participate
    to achieve a big advantage over your competitors,
    click on the link below and book your place:

    As I said, you can choose to take part in one of my Speeches on one of these days:

    • Tuesday, 17th September
    • Wednesday, 18th September
    • Thursday, 19th September

    Book your place NOW and see you at EMO Exhibition in Hannover!

    To your results,