EMO Hannover 2019: Porta Solutions takes part with the new Multicenter model

Every 2 years, in Europe, the most important exhibition in the field of Machine Tools and companies that are in the world of metal manufacturing takes place.

The location of this important event alternates yearly between Milan (Italy) and Hannover (Germany).

2019 is a year in Hannover, the wonderful German city that is ready to welcome thousands of sector professionals from all over the world.

The event lasts from the 16th to the 21st of September 2019.

The EMO 2019 Exhibition in Hannover is not just a meeting between companies that want to present their news, but it is also and above all a great opportunity to bring a breath of positivity and energy to this industry.

In fact, from this event many visitors expect to discover new technologies and ideas of entrepreneurs who want to positively change systems and methods of manufacturing companies.

Among these companies is Porta Solutions, at Stand D81 – Hall 27, that will take the opportunity to show its new Multicenter 2020 model.

Launch of the new Multicenter 2020 model

This new model has some important innovations, which will help companies involved in metal manufacturing and light-alloy chip removal to exponentially improve their production results.

Great news mainly for those who deal with aluminum.

The 3-Spindle Flexible Machine represents the perfect expression of balance between Productivity and Flexibility.

In fact, it is the ultimate tool for the Flexible Production Method.

Big Stand and Maurizio Porta’s Speech at EMO 2019

Just to launch the new model of Multicenter, together with my Staff, we are preparing a breathtaking stand.

On the occasion of the EMO 2019 Exhibition in Hannover, I will give a Speech “almost” every day, to allow you hear our news and to attend a live lesson about the Flexible Production Method.

In fact, besides being the CEO of Porta Solutions, I am also the Master Trainer of the homonymous School of the Method, the Flexible Production CNC Training School.

This School, created by the Porta Foundation, is a non-profit organization and offers training courses to spread the concepts of Flexible Production and Lean Manufacturing.

Furthermore, in July, I am going to Japan to study Lean Manufacturing right at the sites and in the companies where this concept was born and thus bring new solutions for the production companies of our sector.

Speeches at the EMO 2019 Exhibition will be held on
17th, 18th and 19th of September

The 3 main days, chosen to facilitate the participation of all those are interested in new production methods to make companies more productive.

We will also see the results that can be achieved using a Flexible Machine, compared to other types of Machine Tools, such as to 3 Battery Machining Centers, for small and medium lots production.

To take part in the event, a booking page will soon be online, so that you can enter your details and reserve your place.

In the meantime, you can refer to the following addresses:

to request to be signed up for the event.

Extras for those who reserve their place at the EMO 2019

Of course, for those who decide to reserve their place at our Stand at the EMO 2019 in Hannover, we have prepared some extras, such as:

  • The Handbook “The Evolution of Production”, written by me, in which I explain step by step how the world of Production has changed and the methods to help your company thrive (VALUE $39);
  • USB Pendrive MULTICENTER format with 3 complete Videos of “3 Manufacturing Eras” (VALUE $40);
  • Lesson on the Flexible Production Method, taken directly from the intensive courses of our School and from the in-depth studies i have completed in Japan (VALUE $339);
  • 1-day Consulation with a Flexible Production Technical Tutor, that you can book directly at our Stand D81 – Hall 27, at the end of the Speech (VALUE $1,559);
  • Presentation of the new ISO40 Multicenter model, with all the news of 2020;
  • And more …

As you can see, we do not miss anything, there is even a Buffet and the VIP AREA for those who will book in advance.

So? See you at the EMO 2019 Exhibition?

If you want to reserve your place at the Porta Solutions STAND, to see the presentation of the new Multicenter 2020 model and to attend a real class on the Flexible Production

Write to


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To your results!

Maurizio Porta