EMO Hannover Exhibition: 2 Speeches a day at Porta Solutions Stand

Working in trade shows is certainly something exciting and, at the same time, challenging, so much that, sometimes, it’s very difficult to manage people who take part in an event.

And this gives me even more charge.

I have been doing this job and attending trade shows for about 30 years now.

In fact, I took part in it for the first time when I was about 15 years old and I followed my father around the world to present our Machine Tools and realizations.

Our company has been taking part in the EMO Exhibition in Hannover for almost 50 years.

Every time it is as if it were the first time and enthusiasm and adrenaline are always sky-high.

One of the things I’ve learnt since I have been doing this job is “the art of the Stand”, that is trying to understand how to make the presentation of news more and more captivating.

This year I have decided to outdo myself and, together with my team, I created a special Stand, completely new.

Special as the news we are going to present.

Here’s what you will find:

  1. There will be a REAL ISO40 3-Spindle Multicenter, so you can see, life-size, all the features of this new category of Machine Tool.
  2. A Reserved Area dedicated only to those who take part in our presentations, which will occur twice a day, in the main days of the Exhibition, with high-quality buffet and delicious drinks.
  3. A VIP Area with limited access, dedicated to customers, where you can relax, speak with our Technical Tutors and discuss about real solutions for your company.

Everything accompanied by high quality food and delicious drinks.

Why all this?

Because I want to send a STRONG and CLEAR message to all the operators of our sector, helping them to understand the importance of INVESTING in new tools and new technologies.

I am at the forefront and I am willing to stand up for it.

They say that this sector is getting into a strong crisis, but I think completely the opposite.

We are in a period full of opportunities and those who are able to get a head start on will have a big advantage in the mid and long term compared to the competitors.

This year, for the EMO Exhibition in Hannover, as agreed with our BOD, we will invest more money than in the past, to go against the grain and continue to achieve excellent results that are clearly above the average.

A Stand dedicated to the presentation of the news of 2020.

Here’s the news of EMO Exhibition in Hannover

What we are going to present is something completely new, with technological innovations on one side and innovations related to training about Lean competitive production methods on the other.

The technological innovations will concern the MULTICENTER, the First 3-Spindle Flexible Machine built in Series.

In this case, we will make a general overview on the future technical aspects and on the potential and great opportunities in production that this new technology offers.

Of course, I like astonishing people, so we will present something that you CANNOT find on the market today, NOT with these features.

On the other hand, news dedicated to training will concearn the Flexible Production Training School, the first School dedicated to Machine Tool users who want to learn how to use 3-Spindle Flexible Machines.

So, we will talk about the training courses, I will give a brief lesson about Flexible Production and we will talk about the great results our customers and students can get thanks to this Method.

How will these innovations be presented at the EMO Exhibition in Hannover?

I will personally give Speeches on the stage of my Stand, twice a day, during the main days of the Exhibition, namely on 17th-18th-19th September.

In the morning the Speeches will be in English, while in the afternoon they will be in Italian, so as to allow all participants to follow the presentation.

In order to take part in the Speech and assure you a place, it is highly recommended that you book your place via the dedicated website.

To book your place at the EMO Exhibition in
Hannover click on the link below

During these Speeches I will talk about unreleased contents and concepts on production directly learnt in Japan, where I personally went to study and where Lean Production was born.

If you book your place at our Stand and come to visit us, I prepared 5 wonderful BONUSES for you:

  • The Handbook “The Evolution of Production”, written by me, in which I explain step by step how the world of Production has changed and the methods to help your company thrive (VALUE $39);
  • USB MULTICENTER Flash Drive with a complete Video Training About ” The 3 Ages of Manufacturing” (VALUE $40);
  • Lesson on the Flexible Production Method, taken directly from the intensive courses of our School and from the in-depth studies i have completed in Japan (VALUE $339);
  • 1-day Consultation with a Flexible Production Technical Tutor, that you can book directly at our Stand at the end of the Speech (VALUE $1,559);
  • Presentation of the new Multicenter model, with all the news of 2020;

  • If you want to get these BONUSES and participate to achieve a big advantage over your competitors, click on the link below and book your place at the EMO Hannover Exhibition:

    You can choose to take part in one of my Speeches on one of these days:

    • Tuesday 17th September
    • Wednesday 18th September
    • Thursday 19th September

    Book your place NOW and see you at EMO Exhibition in Hannover!

    To your results,