“Flexible Production” School is Born!

More than 2,500 years ago the Greeks had already come to the conclusion that the world changes.

“Everything flows” is one of the most famous phrases ever coined.

The sense is that everything changes; the world, nature, but not only that…

Also, the competition, the market in which you operate, the needs of your target customer, the production tools that work or do not work, the fixed costs, the availability of specialized staff.

So, I ask myself …. if we arrived 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece to the concept that things change, how is it that today, in 2019, people still do not seem to understand it?

You cannot be stuck in the past and remain on top.  My advice is to not think about the past.  Dedicate yourself to continuous improvement.

The world around you changes and your business model does as well, the tools you use will become obsolete if only for the simple fact that everything around you changes!

If you’ve invested in some machinery and then sat down and thought:

“Oooh, I finally did it, I’m fine now!” …

Do not complain if one day customers stop coming and people do not show the slightest interest in what you offer or how you offer it, let alone what you sell!

Your business model is a continuous process and if you do not want to be passed by the competition, with everything around you moving at the speed of light, you have to keep yourself at the cutting edge.

With this in mind, I therefore announce that in 2019 I am expanding my business model and I am pleased to introduce big news:


A new course dedicated to training the future sector leaders.  Complete with classroom, equipment (including hands on use of a flexible machine), and technical staff with over 30 years of direct experience.  This school will guide the people who seek to enter the world of FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION to learn and train in a protected environment in order to be on the right track to apply these winning concepts.

Also, in work, as in sport, there is a need for preparation, training.  You cannot win without these things and you cannot improvise. With this idea our school / gym is born to train people programmed to win!!!

Start with the first step, get the book “FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION” in which, in over 220 pages, I explain the METHOD that will allow you to earn more than ever!

If you want to go deeper on the topic of “Flexible Production”,


>>> www.flexibleproductionbook.com <<<

My book, dedicated to users of machine tools that want to make the leap in quality & productivity, is waiting for you!!!

Maurizio Porta