How to restore your company in the market

Maybe you have not considered it, but a market evolves much like the animal species have over the course of the past million years.

Over time the markets adapt and become smarter like an organism, a great living being that breathes.

In our current times the flow of information travels a lot more quickly than in the past.

And, with the passage of time, this flow of information will continue to accelerate more and more.

This means that the markets will mature that much faster.

What do I mean when I say:

“Market Maturation?”

I’ll show you with an example:

What would happen if I told you that you could buy a machine that will move you across the country at more than 60 miles per hour?

You could go from New York to Los Angeles in very few days.

Pretty incredible, right?

Of course not, the car was invented more than 100 years ago!

This announcement would have been incrediblein 1850.

But an announcement like this today, with the same type of hook and benefits, would be mocked.


The product is exactly the same, but the market today is at a different level of maturation, more complex, more refined.

It is simply more sophisticated.

Generally, the level of complexity o fa market increases with the passing of time because the market tends to evolve.

And the information spreads faster, the more the market evolves.

This situation tends to lead to Markets that reach high levels of complexity and sophistication faster than ever.

In the future, companies that really understand this evolutionary process will be able to capitalize on these evolutions.

Those who will not be able to will be massacred.

Each market goes through 4 phases, let’s describe them here:

Phase 1: No competition (you are first or at most second in the market).


You simply have to push the benefit primary to your product.

Phase 2: Competition arrives.


Analyze promises, and benefits of your best competitors. Then improve upon them, expand them, bringing them to their absolute limit.

Phase 3: Introduction of the Mechanism.

Customers no longer respond to simple promises full of tons of benefits.


You have two options. Add tons of evidence that proves you are better than the competition as you claim.

Or, if no one has done it yet, use a particular form of proof: focused on the mechanism. Find a magic ingredient: “the secret” behind the effectiveness of the your product, which explains why it works so well.

EXAMPLE: if small and medium lots are a problem for you and your competitors, focus on this. Make it your “magic” ingredient, the secret behind your product that is not the product itself but the way you produce it!

Phase 4: Development of the Mechanism.

At this stage every product on the market has its own unique and varied mechanisms and types of evidence in its favor.



Analyze the supported products from the unique mechanisms that bring greater sales and results. For example, producing small / medium batches effectively, then expand it and bring it to its absolute limit.

Attack the competition with a comparison or a comparative comparison.

Stand out as the best of the best.

Make the advantages for your products colossal and obvious to potential customers.

Make the mechanism your anthem.

In our example, it could even support the fact that you work small / medium lots (and do not try to avoid them like everyone else does).

Obviously, as described above, you can do it if you first change your business model, because throwing yourself to do the above while keeping your old model is very risky, indeed it is a guaranteed failure!

Why do I say this?

If you produce large quantities of pieces for the warehouse, immobilizing mountains of money, then hoping to sell them because your company is organized as it once was (not in a flexible or lean way) and try to introduce flexibility to the commercial side of business but keeping everything unaltered within the production side of the company company, here is a guarantee that the small / medium lots will drown the company and you will crash and burn.

If, on the other hand, you want to change your business model to be more successful and productive, then consider that this is the reason the FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION school was born, a business academy where you can learn in a hands-on classroom dedicated to the school.

Where there will be a flexible machine to simulate live what was learned in the theoretical lessons.

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Maurizio Porta