Inauguration of the first Flexible Production CNC Training School

On May 16th, 17th, and 18th of 2019, the First School on Flexible Production was inaugurated.

Over 120 members of companies and sector operators, who came to admire this new section and had the opportunity to follow a presentation mini-tour.

The classroom in which the THEORY will be presented was illustrated, with desks and lesson plans totally dedicated to the study of Lean Production, together with experts having years of experience.

Experts who have personally applied the concepts of Lean Production and who have put their hands in the production departments and on Machine Tools.

We also illustrated the area in which the PRACTICE will be presented, with the presence of a real 3-Spindle Flexible Production Machine at the complete disposal of the participants.

Exactly!! You understood well…

The school will provide participants with a real machine, which will be used by the students, accompanied by the supervision of their Technical Tutor.

Who is a Technical Tutor?

The Technical Tutor is an authoritative figure, an expert in the field who for YEARS used Machine Tools such as Machining Centers and Transfer Machines and who is now available to the students of the Flexible Production School to accompany them on a path of study for the Flexible Production method.

In all 3 days there were many production companies that visited the school.

As well, there was also an abundant catered buffet to welcome them.

This new training section is dedicated to users of machine tools for metal processing who want to continue their education of competitive production methods and want to learn how to use 3-spindle flexible machines.

Do you want to get involved to improve your production and your skills?

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your company.

The school was born through a real non-profit foundation, the Porta Foundation, strongly encouraged by me and my team.

This Foundation aims to spread the best competitive production techniques, through the experience and studies of the Technical Tutors and myself, the Master Trainer. The aim is to help the entrepreneurial fabric of the Machine Tools sector to emerge from the price war, through the study of a new business model, which is already helping several other companies to overcome the new market challenges.

Flexible Production CNC Training School.

Here is how it will be structured:

As mentioned, training courses will be provided which, between theory and practice, will train new professionals who will help production companies improve their production departments and earn more.

But how exactly will it work?

A real training section is born with:

  1. classroom with which to study the theory,
  2. all fixtures and tools,
  3. a 3-spindle Flexible Multicenter Machine at your complete disposal for direct practice,
  4. the Technical staff with over 30 years of direct experience that will guide you in the FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION world to learn, make mistakes, improve and train yourself in a protected environment; to then be able to give your best back in your own production environment.  So you can really run and aim to win!

A real school where you can:

Learn all the production strategies that make up the Flexible Production method

Study the theory that revolves around the world of Flexible Machines

Apply yourself with practical exercises, using a real dedicated Multicenter

Make mistakes, start over and correct all the processes you want, without the pressure you would have in a production department

Really understand the immense potential that lies behind the concept of small and medium lots and much more …

Are you ready to enter the world of production flexibility?

Here’s what our customers say


Ing. Marco Stradiotti – Production Manager

“I had cycle time problems due to dead times of the tool changes and part load. In order to have all machining completed on the part I had to tool different machines.

Now I load the part on the free pallet while the units are machining.

The positive results are a considerable reduction of the production times, precision and reduction of the set-up times.”

Kramer Italia | Via Matteotti, 1 | 13864 Crevacuore (BI) – Italy

As you will have understood, the training of the operators who work in the production departments today is CRITICAL in order to improve and earn more.

This is an initiative aimed at improving the skills and competences of machine tool users, in order to become more aware of competitive and cutting-edge production methods.

We are strongly convinced that every company today must invest in the training of its team of collaborators, in order to achieve extraordinary results.

And surely there is no better way to do it than through quality training, with experts in the field, like the one you will find in the Lean Production methods that we will study at Flexible Production CNC Training School.

If you want to deepen our paths and our method of using Cnc Flexible Machines, I have excellent news for you, because from today you can ask a direct consultation to one of our TECHNICAL TUTORS

For more information:

If you want to go deeper on the topic of “Flexible Production”,


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My book, dedicated to users of machine tools that want to make the leap in quality & productivity, is waiting for you!!!

Maurizio Porta