Lean manufacturing: Why you do not have to start from the machine tool

After years of experience in this field, in the world of Lean Manufacturing, of machine tools and metal working, I came to understand a fundamental concept which helps me and my customers get extraordinary results.

Most of the operators in the sector I usually approach look for a machine tool; making a selection among those present in the wide range the market offers today.

They then turn their attention to how to best adapt this machine to the family of pieces they want to produce.

For operators in the sector I mean both the entrepreneur / owner of the production company, the manager, even the operator who uses the machine tool.

The speech does not change, it is the same for everyone.

This approach is due to the fact that there are too many manufacturers of machine tools that want to sell the machines and few who want to accompany you in the process of improving your production.

And above all too many manufacturers only take on the task of selling you the machine, and then leave you at the mercy of your own experience to understand how to exploit it to the fullest.

I sincerely dissociate myself from this way of working and I know for sure that the purchase of a machine tool is not the end, but it represents only a piece of a great process that should start well ahead of machine selection.

Usually (and unfortunately) only after having arrived at the choice of the machine tool do production departments really study how best to utilize the machine in their unique production process.

But the truth is that if you really want to learn how the Lean Manufacturing world works, you should first of all make an “inversion” of selection process and mentality, bringing attention and research first of all to the metalworking you need, then bringing the compass on the market and orienting yourself to the choice of the correct machine tool.

Reverse and start from the part to be machined

So, the basic concept is to do the opposite of what most companies do today.

You must therefore start from the detailed analysis of the piece, or family of pieces, that you would like to work and / or improve in production.

Once this analysis has been done, a line can be drawn, the choice of machine tools can be defined and the solution can be oriented on a very narrow range, but at the same time much more precise.

You must have a “calibrated” system in your hands that will help you minimize the margins of error.

But obviously to have a precision system of this kind and to do this kind of activity it is necessary that you start studying from the basics.

It is not something that you can realize overnight, but it is a process that requires a well-researched methodology that you need to learn and improve upon.

An art that will guide you step by step to understanding how to improve your production department and finally become more competitive.

Lean production applied to the world of machine tool users

The concept of Lean Production is a broad topic, which takes almost all the production sectors present in the market and whose objective is to optimize production to lower inventories, less fixed costs, and optimizing production resources.

To bring these concepts to their peak in the world of machine tools, however, it is not possible to remain generic and it has been necessary to develop a “tailor-made platform” for the entrepreneurs in this sector and the operators who work in the production departments.

A tailor-made platform to be used to adapt the concepts of Lean Production to the world of Machine Tools and metal working, studied in several years of experience and practice, and which led to the creation of a methodology specifically for this sector.

This method that I then called “Flexible Production”.

“Flexible Production is the application of the concepts of lean manufacturing to the world of machine tool users.”

The objective of the Flexible Production method is therefore precisely that of applying the concepts of the Lean manufacturing in the Machine Tool context, and adapting them to this sector which is distant from the majority of the other sectors of the production world.

Also, in this case then the method is divided into steps to be followed correctly to get the best result in production and to make the company and the production department as competitive as possible.

As mentioned above it is essential to start from the piece, or from the family of pieces, that you want to machine to study how to improve and optimize the production department.

Only after having dealt with this in detail can one proceed to choose the correct machine tool. Never before.

This is a point on which I have been fighting for many years.

The Lean manufacturing is not just the ARRIVAL POINT after you have chosen the machine tool.

The Lean manufacturing is above all the STARTING POINT from which to start building your new business and production model, to earn more and become more flexible and competitive.

And the Flexible Production method is born for this reason.

A guided and engineered path, step by step, that takes you from the starting point in the development of the correct business model and that helps you to implement in your production and metalworking company all the essential key concepts of Lean Manufacturing.

All clear?

In any case, to help you learn more about the world of Flexible Production, I have dedicated a lot of my time to writing a book that is turning out to be a real lethal weapon for industry professionals, who like you, are thirsty for results and methods to become competitive.

But I warn you, it’s not about “easy easy” helpers and “click click” that others do everything and you’re just watching.

In reality, if you want to get real results, I can give you the method, but then it’s up to you to put in effort, sacrifice, and all the good will and courage necessary to bring your production department to success.

Nobody gives us anything in the production world.

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Maurizio Porta