Make money with small/average quantities

When it comes to QUANTITY TO PRODUCE, more and more, the formation of two groups of customers is known.

On the one hand, customers who hate small / medium quantities, and who list the following problems:

– “The cost that you pay to produce these quantities, even if it seems high, … even if you do well, you’ll lose!”

– “For so few pieces it is not worth accepting the order, because the work that results in the company upsets my organization”.

– “I tried to produce small and medium quantities to make my customers happy, but in the end I gave up, it was simply too complicated …”

On the other side, I have a limited but growing series of customers starting to say:


These people saw the real deal of the century in small and medium quantities, they bet on this front by investing in new methods to produce quickly and flexibly.

You already know that my job is to produce flexible machine tools, and, increasingly, just for the product I sell, I find myself in contact with people belonging to the second thought.

These people are admirable, they are people who rarely hear complaints about the crisis, the government, the system and so on.

Certainly, they are not enthusiastic, but invest their time looking for solutions to meet the demands of the market.

Even if the market is “crazy” and the customers are crazy, do not give up and fight without ever giving up!

In this regard, today I want to thank these people regardless if they are, will, or will never be my clients, but for the spirit they spread.

The pleasant surprise is that there are many of these people who fight every day and seek innovative solutions not to throw in the towel, they are much more than you can imagine.

As you may already know, I do not go knocking on the doors of companies to sell my product. Fortunately, I am called because someone reads my articles, others have read the book, word of mouth, and so on.

Guess who calls me frequently?

All those people belonging to the second group, those who never give up!

Thanks to them I am still learning a lot, and I am immersed in an environment of potential clients who are at the forefront, in search of innovation and thanks to this they give me new ideas and concepts.

An infinite thank you to all of you, and another special thanks also to those who do not call me to complain about the crisis, the thief government and so on …

Please, do not call me, you would send me into a deep depression!

Good job everyone!

Maurizio Porta
Expert in Flexible Production