MECSPE Fair: Inauguration of the Flexible Production School

Every year in Parma, Italy, the MECSPE fair is held to great fanfare.

These fairs are perfect opportunities for managers and operators in the production sector to meet with other experts in the world of mechanical processing.

They are excellent moments to hear the news and innovations of the sector to keep up with the times.

While on the one hand we have innovations that relate purely to manufacturing technology, on the other hand there are also strong innovations from the point of view of production methods and procedures.

In this regard, for the world of chip removal, we are facing a market strategy shift.

In fact, if before you had productive machines that would help you make enough stock, today it may not be enough to be successful and profitable.

Because you also need new, more flexible production methods that can also respond to new market needs.

The MECSPE fair in Parma was the inauguration of great news in the sector for 2019.

What is it?

“Flexible Production Training School”

We discussed the issues concerning the future of Machine Tools and how Flexible Machines will integrate more and more into the new context of continuous evolution and change.

But, above all, the difficulties the metalworking industry is facing today have become clear.

In a period of great change like this the best solution is to TRAIN to solve these difficulties.

That is working on the awareness of staff and make them participate in strong beneficial changes that can impact their production departments.

In this scenario everyone is involved.  Some directly and some perhaps more indirectly.

From the CEO of a production company, to the production manager, down to the machinist and toolmaker.

All of them are key figures in this current situation and they must all be trained to solve the problems of this market.

In this case, obviously, we are talking about those who metal work and therefore have to do deal with materials such as cast iron, steel, brass, and aluminum. Although the materials remain the same over the years, the machines used and the production methods to stay competitive are changing, or perhaps we can say that they have already changed.

Training for machine tool users: We move from Theory to Field Practice

The main target is to create real training gyms for those who work in this sector.  Where they can study, apply, and make mistakes in complete focus and awareness.

This is why the first school dedicated to machine tool users was born.  Designed with the following people in mind:

– Those operating in the field of chip removal.

– Those who want to learn the Flexible Production method.

– Those who want to practice using Flexible Machines.

A new technology, learned in a protected environment where you can study the theory and immediately put the lessons learned into practice.

A school with 2 offices, one in Brescia, Italy and one in the United States, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dedicated schools for this specific training complete with:

1. Classroom;

2. Fixtures and tools;

3. A true Multicenter Flexible Machine available at all times;

4. A Technical staff with over 30 years of direct experience that will guide you through the world of FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION, to learn and train in a protected environment.

A real school where you can:

Learn all the production strategies that make up the Flexible Production method;

Study the theory around the world of CNC Flexible Machines;

Practice with hands on exercises, using a dedicated Multicenter;

Make mistakes, start over, and correct all the processes as you go; without the pressure you would have in a production department;

Really understand the immense potential that lies behind the concept of small and medium lots;

and so on…

There is a famous saying that goes:

“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance …”

So, it is clear that if you do not begin to educate yourself and welcome change with open arms, someone will probably do it in your place.

And at that point, it may already be too late.

If you want to deepen the world of Flexible Production and CNC Flexible Machines I have excellent news for you! Starting today you can ask for a direct consultation from one of our TECHNICAL TUTORS

Such advice for a day is listed at € 599 but it could be free of charge for you.

Write directly to for more information.

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Maurizio Porta