You are invited, on Wednesday, November 8 to



from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm at Microsoft Technology Center – Viale Pasubio, 21 – Milan

Industry 4.0 is an important opportunity for all companies that want to benefit from the fourth industrial revolution. This new and evolving industrial paradigm involves the use of technologies and processes that automate and interconnect factory production (Smart Manufacturing).

In particular, a project involving two companies in an interdisciplinary ecosystem of One Team: Alleantia and Porta Solutions will be presented.

The idea behind the project, to which One Team has provided its technical contribution, is to integrate into a modern work center, the Multicenter of Porta Solutions and the IoT Plug & Play application solution designed by Alleantia, creating a single operating platform called Porta Open 4.0.

Porta Open 4.0 is based on sophisticated cloud intelligence (Microsoft Azure), which allow automatic optimization of production cycles and thus greater efficiency in terms of time and cost savings.

The event gives the opportunity to all participants to update their knowledge of Industry 4.0 and to observe the practical applications of its enabling technologies.

The participation to the seminar entitles and recognizes 6 CFPs for Engineers enrolled in any Italian register.


09.30 Registration and welcome coffee

10.00 Welcome, Presentation Microsoft Technology Center and IoT Ecosystem – Roberto Filipelli, Microsoft

10.15 The Future of Making Things – Autodesk

10.30 The value proposition of One Team: a single partner for the management of interdisciplinary projects – Ing. Riccardo Perego, One Team

11.00 Amortization, facilitated finance, business incentives – Patrick Beriotto and Graziano Zinzelli, WarrantGroup

11.15 Industry 4.0 Plug & Play – Stefano Linari, Alleantia

11.45 Microsoft Solutions for IoT – Microsoft / Alessandro Valra, One Team

12.15 Predictive Design – Ing. Nino Mazza, One Team

12.45 Internet of Things at your fingertips: Tech Data’s role – Giovanni Besozzi, Techdata

13.00 Lunch & visit to the Microsoft Innovation Center

14.30 IoT Master for Porta Solutions: Practical example of real-time remote monitoring

15.00 Maintenance 4.0: from preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance – Ing Angelo Pozzi, Wintek

15.30 Maintenance 4.0: increased reality for remote maintenance management – Alessio Garbi, Xonne

15.45 Maintenance 4.0: How to keep the manual of the machine up to date while minimizing efforts – Alessio Garbi, Xonne / Ing. Nino Mazza, One Team

16.00 Integration and the Sme.UP Group IIoT: Did you know that you can collect data from a 50’s lathe or from a cellar? – Stefano Bosotti, Sme.UP

16.30 Roundtable

17.30 Closing work


Maurizio Porta
Expert in Flexible Production