As you can see from the underlying graphics, for the first time this year we will be present in two different booths at the EMO exhibition in Hannover, Germany; from September 18th – 23rd, 2017.

The first will be in HALL 17, BOOTH D72, where we will show the advantages of producing in a flexible way through the Flexible Production Method, which consists of producing only the sold quantities, without unnecessary stock, producing more cash for your bank account.

The second will be in HALL 25, BOOTH B60, in the area dedicated to “INDUSTRY 4.0” where we will present the new cloud platform of “PORTA OPEN 4.0”; and where it will be possible to see three MULTICENTER 4.0 machines in actual production at our customers’ facilities, connected to the booth through our cloud services.We will also show the Artificial Intelligence service, also in the cloud, for: Automatic Reduction of the Consumption up to 20%; Automatic Optimization of the Production Cycles; and Connectivity to check the machine conditions at any moment for greatly improved Predictive Maintenance!

This software “PORTA OPEN 4.0” has been realized in cooperation with first level partners ALLENTIA, ADVANTECH, and MICROSOFT.

After summer holidays (last week of August) you will receive an e-mail, and, if you will quickly answer, you will get a free admission daily ticket at EMO 2017.

So keep your mailbox checked, and request the ticket immediately, since that there are only 100 available tickets.

Maurizio Porta
Expert in Flexible Production