The Crisis That Strengthened Me

The last global crisis that began in 2008 created a lot of damage, but also several opportunities.

If I am being honest, today my company is economically stronger and better positioned on the market THANKS to the crisis that occurred in 2008.

If you are interested in understanding why then keep reading …

The reason why the crisis has strengthened my company and made it stronger lies in having correctly interpreted the market demand and quickly proposing a METHOD that would help companies in crisis to reorganize and improve their business model.

This METHOD has given life to a new machine category:


So, if today we are the LEADING company of the category it is thanks to the opportunity that the crisis created and the speed of having found an answer to problems common in the marketplace.

These days, the news of a strong slowdown brings back memories of 10 years ago, but with more awareness that new opportunities will arise.

An opportunity (which addresses a real problem many are facing) is the training that we have put in the catalog at our new school FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION which will open very shortly!

Why a school?

“Everything flows, nothing remains” …

It is one of the most famous phrases ever pronounced.

The sense is that everything changes: the world, nature, but not only those…

Also, the competition, the market in which you operate, the needs of your target customer, the production tools …

You can not think of having invested in the past and therefore be okay.

The world around us changes and your business model as well; the tools you use will become obsolete only for the simple fact that everything around you changes!

If you have invested in some machinery and then think you’re ok, do not complain if one day your customers stop coming and people do not show the slightest interest in what you offer or how you offer it and much less for what you sell!

Your business model is a continuous process and, if you do not want to stay miles and kilometers back, while everything around you moves at the speed of light, you have to keep yourself updated.

With this clear thinking in mind, the FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION METHOD Training School is born.

This Business Unit has a training program based on: “LEARNING BY DOING” or better known as a practical way of learning.

What does that mean?

That all the courses that we will propose have a “secret” recipe in common, that is the fact of having mini-blocks of teaching that are based on a theoretical part and, to follow, a practical part!

Our school is in fact formed by a classroom for the theoretical part and then moves into the practical area where there is a real flexible machine dedicated to the school, where you will immediately apply what you just learned at the theoretical level.

This school was designed just like a gym, where to train in a “protected” environment first on the theoretical side and then on the practical side offers the possibility to make mistakes and not cause any real damage in production!

We offer two levels of training:

1) First level linked to the FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION METHOD: this path has the purpose of evaluating if the proposed model based on Produce only the sold, without producing for the warehouse and from this having more cash in your company coffers is a method that is applicable to your company. Here we do not talk about products, but about business models.

2) Second level is more dedicated to the training of the departmental staff who will have to manage the business model. During this journey you or the will study and learn to use the Flexible machine as if it were already in your department. We also have the opportunity to simulate everything in the real production environment by developing a “private” curriculum where we will use the flexible machine and produce your products from start to finish in order to emulate a complete, 360-degree experience just like a real situation.

All this in a protected environment without the pressure caused by the fear of making mistakes because we will not be in real production or in real delivery, so we can take the time necessary to assimilate and review the various case studies and be finely tuned war machines when everything is in your department.

If you also want to enter the world of FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION, then call us and ask for information about our FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION Training Methods!

If you want to go deeper on the topic of “Flexible Production”,


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My book, dedicated to users of machine tools that want to make the leap in quality & productivity, is waiting for you!!!

Maurizio Porta