The Multicenter: A Machine Tool that allows you to achieve 3.5 times more profit than a single Machining Center

In 2005 I started designing the MULTICENTER with a great dream and the clear idea of developing a Machine Tool finally able to revolutionize the world of metal chip removal.

I wanted to create a Machine Tool capable of releasing Production companies and departments dedicated to chip removal from fixed production costs in order to obtain a higher profit for reinvestment.

To tell the truth, this project started several years before, in the 1990s, when I was making the first prototypes of Flexible Machine.

At that time, I didn’t call it Multicenter.

Obviously, I am talking about Machine Tools which, at that time, had nothing to do with today’s Flexible Machine.

What was the goal?

As I said, I had very clear ideas about where I wanted to go:

  1. Help Production companies to earn more;
  2. Help Production departments to be more productive.

In fact, the big problem that hassles the Production companies and departments (I’m referring to the chip removing sector) is exactly the constant and incessant increase in fixed production costs which, year by year, kill the profits of these companies.

Enemies that kill earnings and productivity in Production departments

Imagine that you go to the supermarket and at the checkout you get a very long and unexpected check to pay.

In it you will find items that you have purchased but you did not believe that the final bill would be so expensive.

Buy this, buy that, keep putting in your shopping cart a lot of products that are useless and if you left out them you could really save a lot of money.

Appalling, isn’t it?! Go shopping for 100 dollars and find yourself at the checkout with a 250 dollars bill.

Though you thought you were spending much less!!!

If I really had to list all the “enemies” that put your company in danger and take your breath away, I put a really long bill at the top.

Wastefulness, bad production strategy, and incorrect tools are like the useless things you buy every time you go shopping at the supermarket!!!

Here are the most famous and fearsome enemies to face for a Production company that uses Machine Tools:

  1. Area occupied by stock and Machine Tools, which force companies to continue to buy new warehouses;
  2. Energy costs that, year by year, are always higher and make it difficult to produce profitably;
  3. Specialized employees, becoming more difficult to find and with an always higher cost per hour;
  4. Maintenance costs, which on Machining Centers are really high. This then falls on the real final cost of the Machine in the mid and long term.

I assure you that these are just SOME of the fixed costs and problems to be faced that every day wear your company profit away.

It’s not that you don’t have to have them, but you have to understand how to optimize them.

If you do not manage them in the best way, it is very likely that they will eat your profit.


You must have a strategy and a Method that will help you to change direction so you don’t get to the breaking point.

A Method that helps you to identify the wastefulness and at the same time offers you the tools you need to remedy these issues.

Start here ===>

You certainly need a starting Method to be combined with proper technologies.

The basic Method from which I start to manage Machine Tools’ production is the FLEXIBLE PRODUCTION Method.

I developed this system by myself through years of study and adaptation of the basic concepts of Lean Manufacturing to the world of metal cutting (a sector that needs some changes and tricks, as it is a bit different from others).

But is the Method alone sufficient?

I don’t think so.

You need the correct tools to properly enact any plan.

This Method has to be supported by a tool that gives you the possibility to have:

  • More productivity
  • More profit

And, of course, the tools to keep operating costs low.

Does it seem pure imagination? Yes, but it isn’t.

Multicenter: A Machine Tool that allows you to achieve 3.5 times more profit than a single Machining Center

Now I will connect to the beginning of this article when I explained that from the 1990s I started designing a Machine Tool that would help Production companies and departments to reduce fixed costs.

A unique idea and goal that for years has guided our Mission to realize a new Technology, 3 times more productive, to achieve 3-time-higher profit.

So, the project to create the First Flexible 3-Spindle Machine made in series was born

you can find it here ==>

A Machine Tool that is able to embrace Flexibility and Quick Setup into a single production system, as well as adopt the concepts of Flexible Production in order to manage medium-lot orders, without increasing fixed costs and spaces.

Today this Machine Tool has finally become realized and there are already many Production companies and departments that are exploiting this new technology and taking advantage of these benefits:

  1. 3.5 times the ROI (Return on Investment) that you will get by launching this new technology in your Production department;
  2. 3.5 times the extra profit your company will earn;
  3. 3.5 times the higher productivity that you can finally take advantage of, without giving up high Flexibility and fast Setup.

Thanks to the 3-Spindle production system I have come to the conclusion that this is the perfect system and number of spindles to be able to earn more money.

A breath of fresh air for everyone.

“3.5 times more” is not a random figure, but a result dictated by a series of tests and studies done together with many of our customers.

Customers who understood the potential of the system we were proposing and who were really fascinated and enthusiastic about the results they were able to achieve.

“Yes, okay Maurizio. But where I can find all these good things?

It is a reasonable question.

If I were you, at this point, I would be curious to learn more and to:

  • Understand where this data comes from;
  • Know personally the customers who have already adopted this Method.

For this reason, I decided to collect all these fantastic examples and different lessons in a single handbook for Production companies that use Machine Tools and want to return to being as competitive as they used to be.


You can find this book, that is a milestone in your industry (if you operate in the field of chip removal), at the link at the end of this article.

To be clear, I leave for you the link here too ===>

So, I’ll be waiting for you at our new training section for those Manufacturing companies who want to do great things!

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My book, dedicated to users of machine tools that want to make the leap in quality & productivity, is waiting for you!!!

Maurizio Porta