Which is better: Machining Centers or Multicenter?

Obviously, this question has no answer without context, because the truth is that it depends on a thousand variables and the situation of each specific production department.

Basically, we are talking about two categories of very different machine tools:

  • The first of Machining Centers dedicated to high flexibility, but not very productive.
  • The second of flexible machines.  Very flexible, but that can also guarantee high productivity thanks to the 3-spindle system.

By this I mean that there is no category of Machine Tools that by definition is always better than the rest.

Because it depends a lot on the business and production model that a company is adopting.

But I want you to level with me that you most likely have a production department that is full of Machining Centers, the types of production departments I would say are based on the “Battery of Machining Centers” philosophy.

This is the classic business and production model that most companies use.

Why? Very simple, because it’s always been done and companies have a difficult time adopting change.

“Eh but if they all do it, how is it that you come and say that the machining center strategy is not the best strategy?”

The market has totally changed and today if you cannot study and develop the correct relationship between productivity and flexibility, you’re dead.

Yes, dead.  The Flexible Production approach allows you to develop that relationship.

Since 2005, a new category of machine tools has emerged, the Flexible Machines, which are able to generate the magic potion for your production department by helping it to be very productive, while remaining very flexible.

The Multicenter is the absolute and undisputed leader of this category of machine tools.

It has a production change in just 15 minutes (actually less, but I prefer to be conservative).

In addition, thanks to the 3-spindle system, it is able to guarantee high productivity.

In short, a magic potion for your Production Department, able to bring the perfect balance between Flexibility and Productivity.

You do not believe it?  This is the new revolution and I invite you to take a look below if you’re still puzzled by clicking on this link …

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I have to tell the truth.

Despite trying to spread the good news, there are still too many cases where the same question is asked.

I thought that after so many years (since 2005) of successes for the category of flexible machines and mass production of Multicenter, there was no need to reiterate certain basic concepts.

The reality is different.  I often repeat the same things and I cannot go to the next step where there are even more fascinating and interesting concepts to discover in the field of Flexible Production.

We have already entered the fourth industrial revolution, in fact the term Industry 4.0 is becoming popular, but as I said, certain basic concepts must now be overcome.

There is no more need to answer the questions, because it is now clear to everyone that the evidence speaks volumes (in fact quite clearly).

What should you do now?

I made a movie in which I explain to you personally why a flexible machine in many cases is better than 3 standard machining centers.

It seems absurd, but it is so and I will show you if you follow me.

Why is Multicenter better than 3 standard machining centers?

I placed a hidden camera during an explanation that for a customer, so you can follow it as if you had been there to listen in person!

This video is not just theory, because already a lot of companies have started to put into practice what you are about to see and the results have been exceptional.

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Now the clock is ticking and as the saying goes “the early bird gets the worm”.

Now is the time to take a step into the future, for your production and your profits.

If you want to go deeper on the topic of “Flexible Production”,


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Maurizio Porta