How much does a Cnc machining center cost? It costs less but…

One of the most important issues in the production world is the one concerning the cost of Machining Centers, and Machine Tools in general, and how to succeed in amortizing this “cost” over a period of time.

If you have come across this article most likely it is because you are starting to evaluate the purchase of a machine tool and you are surfing the internet to understand in detail how much a CNC Machining Center costs in order to orient yourself correctly for the purchase.

First of all, there is a premise to be made, namely that the cost of the Machine Tool itself is relative and not very important, compared to what may affect the whole purchase process.

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Lean manufacturing: Why you do not have to start from the machine tool

After years of experience in this field, in the world of Lean Manufacturing, of machine tools and metal working, I came to understand a fundamental concept which helps me and my customers get extraordinary results.

Most of the operators in the sector I usually approach look for a machine tool; making a selection among those present in the wide range the market offers today.

They then turn their attention to how to best adapt this machine to the family of pieces they want to produce.

For operators in the sector I mean both the entrepreneur / owner of the production company, the manager, even the operator who uses the machine tool.

The speech does not change, it is the same for everyone.

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Bad news for the world of production: a crisis is coming

The data is clear. Despite some positive signs, a crisis in the world of production is coming and it will begin to affect manufacturing companies.

What is going to happen?

I am sure you can imagine.

Manufacturing companies will start to close one after the other and fewer will remain than before.

You are still in time to save yourself and be one of the few enlightened ones.



And you can do it before it’s too late!

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How to let your production earn you more

When I speak about production with my customers, I never speak only about numbers in terms of batches they produce, because that number alone can mean very little.



Is a datapoint that is not directly connected with


It is not true that if you produce more then you earn more, otherwise the road, as you could guess, would be very simple to follow and it would be enough to simply take more orders.

These two elements of production data, unfortunately for many entrepreneurs, are not the same and producing more does not necessarily mean more profit.

Many entrepreneurs and industry producers often forget this concept.

Their solution to make more of their production is closely linked to “The more I produce = The more I earn”, and therefore the road they travel is that of taking more and more orders to increase production.

But obviously in the real world it does not work that way.

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How to Choose a Flexible Machine

If you’ve come across this article I’m sure it’s because you’re looking for more information on how to choose a flexible machine for your production department, or you’ve already begun evaluating the purchase.

Maybe you’re curious to learn more, looking for information to understand how they work, and trying to understand whether they may be suitable for your business.

Maybe you started with the idea of ​​buying a simple machine tool, a classic machining center like the ones you already have, but then you heard about flexible machines and they intrigued you.

Am I right?

If so, I have to say that I am really very happy for you, because you are about to discover a totally new world of production for everyone that uses machine tools.

A world that could revolutionize the results of your company forever.

Why do I say this?

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Below is what I wrote in 2016 commenting on data collected in 2015:

I took inspiration in writing this article from a different article published on November 22, 2016 in the  newspaper “GIORNALE DI BRESCIA” related to the study of the financial statements of companies from Brescia.  It was edited by the University of Brescia and Price Waterhouse & Coopers.  My purpose is to point out some elements and data that I found particularly interesting.

I took into consideration the 5 most important companies for turnover in Brescia in the Transfer Machines sector.  The names, in addition to PORTA SOLUTIONS, are:

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