The 7 Commandments to take into account before buying a Machine Tool

When you turn to a Machine Tool manufacturer to evaluate a new plant, there are some features that you have to consider to understand the reliability of the manufacturer and of the machinery he will propose to you. The starting point is absolutely to define your production goals, and then think about the correct choice and the machinery that best suits your needs. As I c

The J-Curve concept and its application in your production company

Do you know the extraordinary J-Curve concept? You can see it in the graphic here below. This concept comes from the world of "investments", in the financial field. However, it can be adapted to many other contexts and, of course, to your industry as well. Exactly! The industry of Machine Tools. Basically, according to this model, whenever we want to deal w

Lean Manufacturing in 3 simple steps for the world of CNC Machine Tools

The world of Lean Manufacturing is a world that is really simple and easy to understand, made up of a few main rules and pillars and lots of sub-rules that can be easily investigated later. Yet for years I have noticed that this world is seen by most people as something complex and very difficult to understand. Over the years, this idea has created a sort of "skepticism"

PORTASOLUTIONS and STUDIO BASE together to talk about Industry 4.0!

On October 29th, 2019, in Villa Carcina, the "Smart Factory and the Application of Qualifying Technologies" Tour took place in a collaboration between Porta Solutions S.p.A., Studio Base Consulting & Training and The Arts & Crafts Technology Center. A training session for 24 operators, including managers, engineers and entrepreneurs, on issues related to Lean Manufa

CNC metal working 500mm cube: the MULTICENTER 3 Spindles PLUS has arrived!

The world of Cnc metal working definitely concerns a very important part of companies, which are the root of a lot of industrial production markets. We tend to talk about sectors like Oil&Gas, water fittings, different types of valves, Automotive and many others. "CNC Metal Working" means the processing of raw parts from casting, printed, or from solid, which through

EMO Hannover Exhibition: 2 Speeches a day at Porta Solutions Stand

Working in trade shows is certainly something exciting and, at the same time, challenging, so much that, sometimes, it’s very difficult to manage people who take part in an event. And this gives me even more charge. I have been doing this job and attending trade shows for about 30 years now. In fact, I took part in it for the first time when I was about 15 years old