The Multicenter: A Machine Tool that allows you to achieve 3.5 times more profit than a single Machining Center

In 2005 I started designing the MULTICENTER with a great dream and the clear idea of developing a Machine Tool finally able to revolutionize the world of metal chip removal. I wanted to create a Machine Tool capable of releasing Production companies and departments dedicated to chip removal from fixed production costs in order to obtain a higher profit for reinvestment.

Inauguration of the first Flexible Production CNC Training School

On May 16th, 17th, and 18th of 2019, the First School on Flexible Production was inaugurated. Over 120 members of companies and sector operators, who came to admire this new section and had the opportunity to follow a presentation mini-tour. The classroom in which the THEORY will be presented was illustrated, with desks and lesson plans totally dedicated to the study of

CNC machine tools for metalworking: The 4 fundamental steps before choosing one

You might think that this article is dedicated only to those who are looking for a new machine tool for their production department. In reality, however, it is also for all those who already have their plant and machinery but still want to understand how to optimize their future purchases in the coming years. In fact, the basic concept I want to tell you is that there ar

CNC Training School: The First Training Course for Metalcutting Machine Tool Users

In 2019, the first training school covering the Flexible Production Method and the use of CNC flexible machines for chip removal will be inaugurated in Italy. The first school ever in this format. A veritable gym for machine tool users, where the theory is learned and lots and lots of hands on practice can be had in a controlled environment thanks to the use of a true 3-

MECSPE Fair: Inauguration of the Flexible Production School

Every year in Parma, Italy, the MECSPE fair is held to great fanfare. These fairs are perfect opportunities for managers and operators in the production sector to meet with other experts in the world of mechanical processing. They are excellent moments to hear the news and innovations of the sector to keep up with the times. While on the one hand we have innovations t